To meet the dynamic changes and challenges posed by today's world economy, we integrate risk analysis and related mitigation measures in our advisory services to simultaneously advise on downside risks, as well as provide adequate information to hone client's decision-making. Risk analysis has become critical in policy and business decisions in recent years, especially following the recent 2007-2010 world economic downturn, and the uncertainties associated with its recovery. 

For capital investments, contrary to applying contingency to costs, our risk analysis takes a more rigorous and systematic approach to risk identification, quantification and range of impacts of risk on a cost-by-cost and risk-by-risk basis. This approach assists our clients identify the high-risk activities as well as develop appropriate risk mitigation measures.  Very often, lack or inadequate risk assessment is the key reason some investments deliver less than expected return.

Economic Decisions Group (EDG) is an Atlanta-based advisory firm with specialization in Transportation Economics and Finance, Data Analysis, and Economic Development. We support both private and public sector agencies either directly or in partnership with planning/engineering firms to provide independent strategic planning, policy and investment decision advice. The cornerstone of our advisory services is the knack for understanding the project’s unique attributes, clients’ objective and priorities, as well as collaboration with clients to jointly develop customized solutions that best meets their need. 

 We provide data driven and customized solutions. Our unparalleled expertise in economic and financial analyses uniquely positions us to assist transportation agencies hone policy or investment decisions over a broad range of transportation projects or programs. To attain this objective, we help the agencies to identify and quantify the benefits related to policies or projects to optimize society’s benefit for utilization of the scarce financial resource. We assist clients to pursue project screening, cost-effective designs, risk-incorporated costs, economic and financial evaluations, and prioritization. Our exemplary skills in constrained optimization analysis enables us to optimize economic development benefits based on scarce fiscal resource. We employ cutting-edge approach to develop a compelling funding case on behalf of our clients, including USDOT’s TIGER Applications, and FTA’s New and Small Starts Program.