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EDG is a recognized leader in economic and financial evaluation of development projects, programs, and policy, including transportation. We have and continue to provide independent, rigorous, and sound evaluations to state DOTs, MPOs, transit agencies either directly or in partnership with A&E firms to incorporate economic analysis into transportation planning and decisions. Integration of economic analysis with transportation planning improves agency’s resource allocation, provides more credibility to project ranking and selection decisions, and addresses concerns of stakeholders and elected officials.


EDG’s project economics assessment tracks and monetizes all benefits, costs, and risks associated with proposed project, program and policy to evaluate performance over its lifecycle.  Our insights on the interplay among engineering, finance, and economics uniquely positions us to evaluate and provide decision support services to optimize return on investment (ROI). Consequently, our cutting-edge probabilistic approach to benefit-cost analysis (BCA) does not only yield expected return, but also the associated volatility – thus highlighting the risk profile. This outcome, in conjunction with BCA alignment with project objectives, and attributes facilitate stakeholder consensus and hone decisions.


Our services include:

  • Economic/Financial Feasibility

  • Demand & Market Analysis

  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

  • Community and Environmental Impact Valuation

  • Project Risk/Uncertainty Analysis & Management,

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