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Faced with dwindling transportation funding and growing transportation demand, most transportation agencies are seeking new funding alternatives to meet the growing transportation deficit, a contributing factor to creeping economic growth. In their quest to improve economic efficiency through resource allocation, Federal and State governments continue to demand that transportation funding be tied to economic development objectives. 


EDG’s innovative approach to economic analysis “checks all the USDOT boxes” for a compelling and competitive case for Federal funding including BUILD (formerly TIGER), NSFLTP, and INFRA. Also, we collaborate with project sponsors to develop business case, evaluate financial feasibility, and create long range financial plans to support suitable funding/financing vehicles. Our feasibility assessment supports value capture and revenue-based initiatives.  We assist project sponsors to develop capital and operating plans, a basic and vital component in project financing, to assess stream of cashflows from the project development (including construction) to operating phase of the asset. 


Our services include:

  • Funding Options and Feasibility Analysis

  • Life-cycle Cost and Benefit-Cost Analyses

  • Grant and Credit Application Preparation

  • Project Stakeholder Analysis and Communications

  • Public and Policy Communications Support

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