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EDG is widely recognized as a leader in the application of economic impact analysis (EIA), mostly as it relates to the wider economic impacts of transportation projects, economic development programs and urban development investments. Our expertise includes utilization of input-output models and dynamic multi-regional simulation models (such as REMI) for clients. Our EIA results may be indicators of strategic economic development outcomes including GDP, Employment, Personal Income and Tax Revenue. The hallmark of our EIA service has been our ability to communicate findings in straightforward and compelling ways that matter to stakeholders and decision-makers.


Outcome of our studies assist our clients to:

  • Attract new and retain existing business through customized incentive programs

  • Support economic and social events

  • Capture value associated with infrastructure investment to support funding, such as Tax-Increment Funding.

  • Pursue Effective Policy Analysis.

  • Develop a compelling case for grant application.

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