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Economic Decisions Group, Inc. is an economics and management advisory services firm with focus on infrastructure and sustainable economic development, performance management, and data analytics.  We apply economics, finance, and quantitative principles to provide data-driven, systematic, conceptually sound economic advice, and decision support services to support operational improvements, strategic development, infrastructure policy and investment decisions. We work with state and local agencies to evaluate, prioritize, and select infrastructure investments and/or policies with the objective to optimize return on investment and equitable impact distribution, while addressing social and environmental concerns.  


EDG develops in-house flexible models to align with the project or policy objectives to develop range alternatives, evaluate possible outcomes as well as challenges and uncertainties. These provide trade-offs (benefits and costs) associated with various alternatives to support stakeholder consensus (buy-in), develop effective communication strategy, and hone decisions, without compromising environmental and social concerns. We are also proficient in economic models developed by specialized firms, including REMI, developed by the Regional Economic Models, Inc. and IMPLAN, developed by the Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc.


The cornerstone of our advisory services is underpinned by our knack for understanding the project’s unique attributes, clients’ objective and priorities, as well as collaboration with clients, to jointly develop customized solutions that best meets their needs. Our unique approach to honing strategic policy and investment decisions is underpinned by our exemplary incorporation of risk analysis (answers the "what if" questions) into our economic and financial modeling, to account for uncertainties that underlie forecasts or projections over the planning horizon. Incorporation of risk analysis uniquely positions us to advise our clients about the effects of uncertainties and mitigation measures associated with the investment or planning horizon.

Edem Dzakwasi is the President and Principal Consultant of EDG. Edem holds MSc in Economics from Auburn University, MPA in International Development (Economic and Financial Policy) from Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, BSc in Civil Engineering and Certificate in Time Series Analysis and Forecasting. With over 15 years of experience, Edem has led numerous infrastructure related economics advisory services and has been guided by his understanding of the interplay among engineering, economic, and finance to attain optimal infrastructure decisions. He has worked on projects in the US, Canada, Norway and Africa. His expertise includes performing economic and financial analyses, asset valuation, risk analysis, and evaluations (benefit-cost analysis, economic impact analysis). Prior to establishing EDG, Edem served as Senior Economist at Cambridge Systematics and Wilbur Smith Associates (now CDM Smith) and Vice President of Infrastructure and Project Finance at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Edmonton, Canada, where he worked on various financial advisory services on Public-Private Partnership (PPP or P3) transactions (including DB, DBOM, and DBFOM).


541611 – Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services

541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services (Economic Consulting)

541720 – Economic Research & Development


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